Can you shed light on Italian connection?

Mammi Otello pictured around the time of World War Two.

Mammi Otello pictured around the time of World War Two.

A SCUNTHORPE resident is asking Herald readers for any information on the employment of Italian prisoners-of-war in the Garioch during World War Two.

Philip Robinson contacted the Herald on behalf of an Italian acquaintance, Vanda Mammi, who has an old photograph of her late father Otello Mammi with another man and dog.

Philip siad, “Ms Mammi knows that after being captured and becoming a prisoner-or-war, initially at “Camp No 17” near Sheffield, her father was employed on a farm, and that he had a local friend, named as Sandy Thomson.

“The photograph shows these two men, and on the back of the photograph is the inscription of which reads “The Cottage, Badenscoth, Rothienorman. Mammi Otello and Sandy Thomson...”. Otello Mammi is on the left of the photo. The word at the bottom seems to be “Cluck” - I do not know the significance of this.

“It seems from this inscription that Otello Mammi was working in the Rothienorman area, perhaps at a farm owned by Sandy Thomson, or where Mr Thomson was also employed. Badenscoth is the name of a small locality about two miles to the North-west of Rothienorman.

Philip added, “During my research I have found a reference to the Aberdeen Journal of March 6 1940, which gives a numbered list of “additional War Work Parties”. One of the work parties was in the charge of “Miss Hislop, The Cottage, Badenscoth, Rothienorman”. Of course, this was too early in the war for The Cottage to have any connection with prisoners-of-war, but it would appear that the The Cottage had some connection with work for the war effort. It was evidently the home of “Miss Hislop” and the two men were later photographed there.

“As you will see, the photograph is in poor condition with creases, surface damage etc. but its main features can be seen. The men are evidently standing in a porch which has a gable roof with decorative fretwork.”

Anyone who thinks they could help Mr Robinson, can contact the Herald at in the first instance.




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