Local mockumentary popular on YouTube

TOWIG: Andrew (left) and Alistair act out a scene from their Sitcom 'The Only Way Is Garioch'. Picture: Susann Brown
TOWIG: Andrew (left) and Alistair act out a scene from their Sitcom 'The Only Way Is Garioch'. Picture: Susann Brown
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Inspired and inspiring film making duo, Alistair Stewart (23) and Andrew Forbes (22), are taking the Garioch by storm with ‘The Only Way Is Garioch’ (TOWIG).

The series, of which episode three was recently published on YouTube, began as an idea with a three-minute trial run early in February with a follow-up episode on Valentine’s Day.

Alistair explained: “At first it wasn’t meant to be such a big deal, it was a bit of a laugh really. Episode One went on YouTube in February and we got almost 800 views. People were asking when the next one was coming out so we put out a Valentine Special, and from there it mushroomed with double the hits. It has inspired us to carry on and we put out Episode Three just last week. Now we’re half way through filming Episode Four.”

Andrew added: “You just get an idea and it develops. You lay in your bed at night and think about things, and it all just seems to happen.”

TOWIG has been written, directed, filmed and produced by the pair under their Reel Moon Productions label, as a satirical look at life in the Garioch, based on the popular Essex series ‘TOWIE’.

The characters, reminiscent of Samuel Becket’s clowns, ‘Didi’ and ‘Gogo’ are played by Alistair and Andrew as “themselves”.

Alistair said: “We wanted to start up a YouTube partnership because it provides opportunities and resources for creators to improve their skills and build their audiences, get cash for adverts and potentially earn some money. By getting more subscribers, you can be accepted as a YouTube Partner.”

Alistair added: “We’d like to continue to make films and ideally we’d like to make it a career.

We’ve used TOWIG as a training ground but we have some serious films on the go - a psycho thriller and a drama. We are working on scripts at the moment and the more serious things are aimed at film festivals and competitions.”

Aiming at fewer, but better, editions of the increasingly popular TOWIG, the pair want to incorporate local businesses. Andrew said: “It would be great to use their locations for filming and it would be advertising for them as well.”

A grand final is planned at some point in the future, but this is a heavily guarded secret.

To view the episodes on YouTube, visit www.youtube.com/user/ReelMoonProductions.