NE Suffolk Club Flock Comp 2012 - results

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Ron Greig Cup (u-15 Ewes): 1 N Moir, Strathbeg; 2 D Cranston, Pitfour; 3 J & L Scott, Biffie; Sam Forrest Trophy (16-30 Ewes) 1:

P,H & R Machray, Middlemuir; 2 AJ & WM Norrie, Slackadale; 3 S Duncan, Pennan; Tillydesk Trophy (31-60 Ewes): J Young, Muirton; Alex Moir Trophy (60+ Ewes): 1 G Christie, Balquhain;

2 B Watson, Gaval; 3 G Troup, Whitestone; Jas Wilson Trophy (best ewe Lambs): 1 N Moir; 2 PH & R Machray; 3 AJ & WM Norrie; Slackadale Trophy (best flock of Ewes): 1 PH & R Machray; 2 N Moir; 3 AJ & WM Norrie; Cairness Trophy (best Stock Tup): 1 G Troup, Cairness See The Stars; 2 N Moir, Thrurston Grand Diamond; 3 P,H & R Machray, Cairness Stockbroker; Middlemuir Trophy (Best Tup Lamb): 1 G Christie, Strathisla Stifler; 2 J Young, Solowaybank Pound Stretcher; 3 D Cranston, Strathbeg The Real Deal; Champion Flock: PH & R Machray; Reserve Flock: N Moir; Muiresk cup (Lambing %): J Henderson; John Stuart Cup (stockjudging): J Young; Junior Stockjudging cup: A Dalgarno.

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