Strange goings-on in Meldrum!

Dummies on display in Oldmeldrum as part of the Formartine in Bloom entry.
Dummies on display in Oldmeldrum as part of the Formartine in Bloom entry.
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Vistors to Oldmeldrum - and townspeople - were left scratching their heads last Thursday.

It was all down to odd-looking figures popping up in various parts of the community. But there turned out to be a simple explanation. It was part of Meldrum Amenities Improvement Group’s (MAIG) annual display and this year is the fourth time they have arranged a display.

Each year the organisation puts on a show of dummies in the town to link in with the Formartine in Bloom competition.

The entry requires them to demonstrate their use of recycled materials.

MAIG secretary Moira Gregg said: “Our take on this is to create a few ‘characters’ made from all sorts of recycled items including scrap wood, wire mesh, polystyrene tubing, bailing twine, old clothing and shoes.

“We also add a few topical famous faces by way of party masks so there are some that may be recognisable.

“Construction of the dummies is a lot of fun but can be quite time consuming and they often prove difficult to make, with many ‘prototypes’ having had to be taken apart and refashioned.

“However, we feel it is well worth the effort as they have proved to be very popular with local residents and visitors to Oldmeldrum.”

The dummies go on display on judging day of the Formartine in Bloom competition and are left in place for about a week, by which time the weather has usually taken its toll and it is time to remove them.