Weather brings 
frustration for Locos

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AFTER a fortnight of early winter disruption, Inverurie Locos were hoping to be in a position to get back into action this Saturday with a Harlaw Park local derby meeting with 2008 and 2009 Champions Cove Rangers

However at the time of going to press, things were not looking good with no signs of a quick thaw and the above zero temperatures likely to come far too late in the week to have an effect.

Locos co-boss Scott Buchan says it’s important to keep the playing squad focused and maintain their spirits, “It has been very frustrating but to be honest we are pretty used to it now, the problem being it seems to get earlier each year. Everyone is in the same boat though, it’s not like we are falling behind the rest of the leading teams with fixtures and hopefully we’ll all get going again soon. Albeit I won’t be holding my breath.

“There is the problem of training facilities or lack of. However we have only missed one session due to the road conditions last week. We have been fortunate enough to secure various facilities in both Inverurie and Aberdeen at different times and so we have managed to keep the general fitness going along. But as we all know it’s the games themselves which keep the match fitness going and you can’t replicate that.

“It’s frustrating purely from the viewpoint of we are all footballers who want to play every week. If you have been on a good run you want to keep the momentum going and if you have been on a bad run you want the next match to come quickly to get out of the rut. So no matter who you are or what team you are involved in we all want the same thing... football matches”.

This was also a frustrating spell in late 2008 and 2009 but Locos were juggling with still being in Scottish Cup as well as trying to compete for the League. But knowing all other teams are in the same “clicking the heels” boat is of some comfort, as Buchan added, “I suppose it is easier knowing that everyone else is in the same boat. It means that no-one is pulling away from the rest as yet and it’s still very tight. However we all just want to get going again as soon as possible”.