Brown`s sparkling performance

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With the Heron Loch partly frozen a last-minute switch was necessary on to the Osprey Loch and the Muckle Troot before the thirty enthusiastic anglers could cast off in the Guy Fawkes Singles competition at Lochter Fishery on Sunday.

It was a beautiful frosty day with not a breath of wind to ruffle the surface of the water.

The cold top layers pushed the trout down deep and anglers had to use sinking lines to get quickly to the fish particularly on the Muckle Troot.

When the scores were tallied up the winner was adjudged to be John Brown with ten fish for eighteen points closely followed by Leslie Mess with sixteen points. Four anglers were tied on ten points for third place, Richard Mc Hattie, Paul Toseland, Kevin Neri and Tommy Graham with Richard getting the nod having caught the first fish.

A very enjoyable day was had by all and the next competition will be a “mystery pairs” in December, weather permitting.