Jumping to victory at The Cabin

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The Cabin Equestrian Centre’s British Showjumping Show took place on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 August. Results were as follows:

Friday, August 26:

80cm unaffil open. – 1, Star (Amanda Kilgour); 2,Greystone Flight Path (David Lawson); 3,Shandy (Kristina Oceanskova). KBIS Insurance Senior British Novice 1st round. – 1, Willows Pride (Amanda Kilgour); 2,Kolorville (Sawn Noble); 3,Palmalano (Sally Coull). Equissage Discovery Championship 1st round. – 1,Money (Harriet Baird); 2,Palmalano (Sally Coull); 3,Tiger Feet II (Lea Gray). 1m Open. – 1, Chellijana Z (sarah Gibb); 2,Calvin (Nicola McArthur); 3,Destiny VIII (Jodie Maher). Senior Newcomers 1st round/1.10m. – 1, 1 Peniki (Carolyn Andrews); 2,Chellijana Z (Sarah Gibb); 3,Fortria Express (Rebecca Stephen). Horse and Hound Foxhunter 1st round/1.20m open. – 1, Wot Not (Sarah Gibb); 2,Ben Quicke (Nicola McArthur); 3,Bishopstons Azzaro Vant Hulsbos (Yolanda Geddie).

Saturday, August 27:

80cm unaffil open. – 1,Wladimal (David Lawson); 2,Sylvester (Freya Cluness); 3,Native Persuasion (Freya Cluness). KBIS Insurance Senior British Novice. – 1, Minnie Adventure (Kelly Donald); 2,Parkhill Legacy (Sarah Hamilton); 3,Native Persuasion (Hayden McLeod). Equissage Discovery Championship 1st round. – 1, Brad Pitt (Jemma Buchan); 2,Kolorville (Dawn Noble); 3,V Anubertha 63 (David Lawson). 1.05m Open. – 1, Ukulele (Gemma McIntosh); 2,A’Wette (Ashleigh Macintosh); 3,Calvin (Nicola McArthur). Senior Newcomers 1st round. – 1,Beamish Ales (Holly Miller); 2,Chellijana Z (Sarah Gibb); 3,Calvin (Nicola McArthur). Scottish Small open Champ Qualifier 2011. – 1,Cadavaloro (Nicola McArthur); 2,Tweeduizend M (Sarah Gibb); 3,Vasco (Carolyn Andrews). 1.30m Open. – 1, Tweediuzend M (Sarah Gibb); 2,Wot Not (Sarah Gibb); 3,Vasco (Carolyn Andrews).