Garioch Sports Centre goes Green

Garioch Sports Centre
Garioch Sports Centre

Garioch Sports Centre has secured a share of almost £10 million made available through the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund.

Challenge Fund is £9.97 million in 2017/18 and is a combination of £9.09 million from the Scottish Government and £0.88 million from the European Regional Development Fund.

The Climate Challenge Fund is a Scottish Government grant programme that is managed and administered by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The Garioch Sports Trust has been awarded a Climate Challenge Fund grant totalling £86,300 which also includes a contribution of £21,350 from the European Regional Development Fund.

This will be used to install energy efficient LED lighting and draught-proofing measures at the Garioch Sports Centre to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

The Garioch Sports Centre Goes Green project will promote energy efficient behaviour to the users and community groups of all ages who use the centre, offering free support to the local community on how to reduce home energy use and learn more about the impacts of climate change.

Kevin Bonarius, co-general manager, Garioch Sports Centre said: “Garioch Sports Trust is hugely excited about the opportunity it has been given to work with the Climate Challenge Fund.

“We are looking forward utilising our funding to improve the facilities energy efficiency here at the Garioch Sports Centre.

“Along with this we will be educating the thousands of users we have on ways they can make changes for the better in their day to day lives.”

Since the Climate Challenge Fund was introduced in 2008, 622 communities across Scotland have been awarded grants totalling £85.8 million to run community-led projects that reduce local carbon emissions, improve their local areas and help them adapt to the impacts of climate change.

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