Inverurie’s Business Improvement District focuses on local groups

Inverurie town centre
Inverurie town centre

The exciting plan to establish a BID (Business Improvement District) in Inverurie has an ambitious plan to aid and assist the 94 organisations and community groups in the area under the ‘We are INverurie’ umbrella brand.

The plan has been discussed in a bid to maximise their impact and effect.

The aim of Inverurie’s exciting Business Improvement District (BID) Project “We Are INverurie” is to deliver a series of projects and services that will improve the town’s trading environment and benefit all that work, live, visit and do business in the town.

It will also aid and assist three key existing groups which will be part of the ‘We are INverurie’ BID umbrella - Inverurie Events, Inverurie Environmental Improvement Group and the Inverurie Business Association.

Discussions have been taking place over the last year and the three groups are excited about the unity and benefits this would bring.

Trevor Hart from Inverurie Events said: “We have revitalised the committee and now have 19 volunteers which is fantastic.

"Being part of the We are INverurie BID group will free up the team to concentrate on delivering really good events for the town without worrying about finding the funding to do so as we will be allocated an amount for the year to facilitate, promote and deliver a strong programme of events in the community.”

He added: “We are planning a Beer Festival in October, a strong Christmas programme over the weekends leading up to the annual amazing Christmas Lights SwitchOn event (LightINg up INverurie) and looking forward into 2018 events such as a May Day Celebration, BeerFest and music events are planned.”

John Glover from Inverurie Environmental Improvement Group said that this would allow their small team of six volunteers to focus on enhancing the town with their floral baskets and planters.

He added: “We will no longer need to seek sponsorship from local businesses as we would get an agreed lump sum from the BID company, funded from the levy and other funding pots the BID can access. This has already given us the confidence to enter Scotland in Bloom for the first time in ten years!"

John concluded: “This is a really exciting time and we are pleased to be part of this strategic partnership. There are so many benefits of being in this group, we can pool resources, share ideas with like-minded people and make Inverurie even more attractive for those who visit as well as live here.”

Victoria Withy, Vice-Chair of Inverurie Business Association (IBA) said: “We are fully behind this BID initiative. The IBA has been working hard over many years to represent the business community and to keep Inverurie a thriving place to do business in as well as promoting the town as a place to shop, visit and enjoy. The BID initiative will allow us to get back to focusing on core issues for our members”.

Victoria added; “All businesses in the BID area and any outwith who become voluntary contributors to the BID will also be members of the IBA and will not have to pay any additional fees or subs which is great news for all. We will of course continue to welcome Inverurie businesses out with the BID area as members too but a membership fee will still be payable.”

Ian Sinclair, Chair of the ‘We are INverurie’ Steering Committee said; “We are confident that the ‘We are INverurie’ BID Business Plan will be the platform on which Inverurie can continue to thrive and develop in the changing economic landscape and be proactive, innovative and exciting.”

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