Mackie's looks local for UK-wide ice cream launches

Mackie’s of Scotland has revealed two new flavour combinations set to hit freezer aisles this month – with both representing a celebration of locally-grown summer fruits.

By Dawn Renton
Wednesday, 30th March 2022, 7:29 am
Aileen Castleton (left) Kirstin McNutt (right) (Photo by Ross Johnston/Newsline Media)
Aileen Castleton (left) Kirstin McNutt (right) (Photo by Ross Johnston/Newsline Media)

White Chocolate and Raspberry becomes the latest addition to its Indulgent range, while Strawberry Swirl will become an immediate part of the classic range.

A positive stockist response means that both flavours will be available UK-wide, with White Chocolate and Raspberry initially available in Tesco in Scotland and Ocado in England and Wales.

Strawberry Swirl will be in Scottish Tesco stores along with an extended listing in Sainsbury’s stores throughout the UK.

Variations of the recipe were then trialled in Mackie’s 19.2, the company’s ice cream parlour in central Aberdeen.

All the fruit used has been sourced from a fellow Aberdeenshire family farming business, Castleton Farm – with sauces created in-house by Mackie’s, using a recently added saucing machine with gentle processing technology for the whole fruit.

Kirstin McNutt, Development Director with Mackie’s oversaw the intensive new product development behind both flavours, a process that included several innovations for the brand.

She said: “We want to constantly surprise and delight ice cream lovers and these two new flavours will offer something very new and different.

“For the white chocolate sauce, we worked to create something ourselves that would stay soft and luxurious in the ice cream. To do that we had to make our own base white chocolate, before turning it into a ganache with cream and golden syrup, before swirling it through the ice cream along with the zingy raspberry.

The new 100% fruit compote ‘swirl’ - gives the strawberry ice cream a double hit of summer fruit.

“Strawberry Swirl is a refresh of our strawberry ice cream, the big difference being our new hand-made 100% fruit compote ‘swirl’ - giving the strawberry ice cream a double hit of summer fruit.

“We’re delighted to be working with local fruit farm Castleton in creating this new flavour. Mackie’s and Castleton are two companies with similar ethos: both are family businesses, aim to be self-sufficient in renewable energy and, of course, have a love of desserts!”

Established in 1992, by the Mitchell family, now headed up by Ross and Anna Mitchell, Castleton Farm grows and produces traditional Scottish food and fruit, all grown, picked and processed on its family farm.

Like Mackie’s it was an early-adopter of renewable energy and prides itself on being a blend of both innovation and tradition.

Aileen MacDonald, packing manager from Castleton Farm, said: “The White Chocolate and Raspberry ice cream is delicious, it’s sweet with the chocolate, yet has a refreshing tang of our raspberries, I’d call it a grown up version of Raspberry Ripple!“Mackie’s uses our top-grade raspberries and strawberries, frozen on the day they are picked to protect their quality. The entire fruit goes into the compote, adding taste, texture and colour.”

Key to the development of White Chocolate and Raspberry were the ‘Friends of Mackie’s’ – a newsletter club of more than 50,000 fans who voted for the new flavour combination to become Mackie’s next launch.

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