Retro tubs celebrate Mackie’s anniversary

Mackies Ice Cream will be issuing the retro tubs from mid-June.
Mackies Ice Cream will be issuing the retro tubs from mid-June.

One of the north-east’s most loved ice-cream maker is serving up a giant scoop of nostalgia this month.

Mackies of Westertown near Inverurie, will be producing 250,000 ‘vintage’ tubs to mark the firm’s 30th birthday.

When Mackie’s started out as a fledgling ice-cream makeer in 1986, no-one knew it would go on to become one of the biggest ice-cream makers in the UK and one of Scotland’s best known food brands.

In fact, the £12m-a-year company now even makes its own packaging - and all 250,000 retro tubs will be produced on the same Aberdeenshire farm where the ice-cream is made.

Karin Mackie, one of the three current sibling family owners, said: “Our traditional ice cream is often described as a taste of childhood – so we thought it would be fun to enjoy a little nostalgia by bringing out these vintage tubs.

“We’ve made lots of different flavours over the years – but none have stood the test of time quite like our original and best selling traditional,” she said.

“Thirty years on and it is thanks to our customers that we have reached this milestone birthday.

“This limited run of tubs is just the beginning of our bumper year of celebrations,” added Karin.

The limited run of tubs will be appearing alongside the more familiar modern tubs in stores from mid June.

They are expected to sell out completely by July.