Year of green energy production for firm

Mac Mackie at the Mackies solar farm
Mac Mackie at the Mackies solar farm

Scotland’s largest privately owned solar farm is heralding its first full year of green energy production – creating the equivalent power required to make 3.3 million litres of ice cream.

Mackie’s of Scotland’s solar farm, on the family farm near Westertown, was built by Loch Lomond based Absolute Solar and Wind and on completion became the largest and first solar farm in Scotland.

With a total installed capacity of 1.8MW, the ten acre site complements the four wind turbines (total 3MW), providing peak power in summer when wind levels tend to drop.

Managing Director and one of three sibling owners, Mac Mackie said: “My father was a pioneer in wind energy, trialling wind power with an early 50KW model in 1982 and later rejoicing in the output from our four wind turbines which total 3MW and were installed in stages from 2005.

“The solar farm was completed in 2015, and this development carries on his dream of converting Mackie’s towards self-sufficiency in renewable energy. Thanks to that foresight we now export a surplus of renewable electricity to the grid.”