Fruity Friday success at Arnage

Pupils at Arnage School recently enjoyed a change to their tuck shop with the introduction of Fruity Friday...and it has been rated a great success.

Sunday, 22nd March 2015, 8:00 am
Arnage pupils enjoy Fruity Friday at school.

The move was suggested by members of the school’s health committee and it has so far proved highly successful with all children in the school keen to participate.

A selection of fruit and vegetables has been on offer with apple being the most popular.

Ross Thores, chairperson of the health committee said: “Fruity Friday is great and everyone has enjoyed taking part.”

Mrs Kerry Lawrinson, head teacher at Arnage School, praised the initiative.

She said: “Fruity Friday has been a huge success.

“The children and staff are making healthy choices and realising the positive effect this has on their health.”