Harry Potter magic casts spell on pupils

RGU students and pupils get down to some magic
RGU students and pupils get down to some magic

Robert Gordon University’s (RGU) Harry Potter Society has been undertaking visits to local schools in Aberdeenshire to promote reading, writing and creativity.

Pupils at the schools, including Meldrum Primary, have been hunting for dragon eggs, making magic wands, playing wizarding sports and bringing the stories of the Harry Potter books they are reading to life.

Students in the society were first contacted by the staff at Seaton School in Aberdeen, who were looking to help run a Harry Potter day for children who were reading the books in school, aged between seven and 10.

RGU students from the society came together to form a ‘Ministry of Magic’ team, who planned the events and visited the schools.

Pupils are involved in a number of activities, from being sorted into their Hogwarts house, to choosing and decorating their wands, looking for dragons, and playing wizarding sports such as Quidditch.

The activities are all provided to the school completely free, with RGU represnetatives volunteering their time to show the magical world of Harry Potter.

Charlotte Rigden, president of Dumbledore’s Army (Harry Potter Society), said: “I strongly believe that the school visits are one of the most important and enjoyable things I have been able to be involved with at university.

“The activities are really good because they allow us to share our love and enjoyment of Harry Potter with others as well as encourage children to read and believe in the magic that literature can create.”