Local pupils join Police Scotland course

A group of youngsters from schools across Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire have been learning about the work of Police Scotland through a work experience course this week.

Wednesday, 1st October 2014, 1:57 pm
PC Ryan Morris, Supt. George MacDonald and DCI David Hadden with pupils participating in the work experience course.

The four day course has given the fifth and sixth year pupils, including pupils from Inverurie and Ellon Academies, a flavour of what it is to become and be a police officer with tours, demonstrations and presentations on a range of subjects.

Course Leader PC Ryan Morris said, “This is the fourth work experience course we have run in Aberdeen since becoming Police Scotland and it is designed to give an insight into the work of the police, highlight what is expected of officers and to explain the application process for anyone who might be interested in applying to be either a Police Officer or a Special Constable.

“During this week, the youngsters have heard about the role of a police officer, they’ve had talks from senior officers from Operational Policing and Serious Crime Division (CID) and demonstrations from specialist teams and departments such as the Road Policing Unit, the dog section and operational support. They have also taken part in typical fitness sessions given to new recruits and they have also had tours of the CCTV Suite and the Control Room at Queen Street.

“The work experiences courses are held quarterly and school pupils from across the north east can apply to attend through their school. For this course there were over 200 applications so there is clearly a lot of interest in learning about the police.”

Recruitment Inspector Irene Coyle said: “The course is run in order to give youngsters an opportunity to learn more about the police but with our ongoing recruitment campaign running at the moment, if any of them are interested in joining us for a career we would welcome their application.

“We take applications to join as a police officer from the age of 17 and a half, so most of the youngsters are of an age to apply to join the police if they wish to do so. However if joining the police isn’t for them then we still hope that they have found the course to be valuable in learning about how a large organisation such as ours operates and how we keep people safe.”

Anyone interested in joining a future work experience course should speak to teachers at their school. The next course will take place in December this year.