Nordic folklore inspires Kemnay art student Ane

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A Kemnay art student has taken inspiration from her Nordic heritage to create work centred on folklore and fairytale.

Ane Smith (22), whose mother is Norwegian, is studying Contemporary Art Practice (CAP) at Gray’s School of Art and has unveiled her work at the annual Degree Show.

Her work, as part of her final year project, will be on display until Saturday, June 25.

The former Kemnay Academy pupil has created a sound installation using earth mounds as a vessel for the sound to come out of; a series of seven masks made using lead, liquid iron and iron metal shavings; and a hand-bound book displaying scenes of a reflective experience of an observation of environment.

Ane, who lived in Shetland until she was two years old, said: “My mixed cultural heritage has allowed me to observe culture at a visceral level, and I draw from these experiences to develop my contextual and creative practice.

“I draw inspiration from stories told to me as a child of Nordic fairytales from Norway and ‘Trowies’ from Shetland.

“My aim has been to invite the viewers to project their own emotions into the space I create while questioning their deepest influences.

“This project has been a continuation of a previous project that I have done where I investigated the fear of mental illness portrayed within folklore, and if this fear is still culturally felt within modern society today.”