Aberdeenshire remains in Tier 2... but for how long?

Aberdeenshire will remain in Level 2, despite concerns over the rising number of coronavirus cases across the area and in Aberdeen City.

Wednesday, 9th December 2020, 2:21 pm
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has indicated that Covid levels in Aberdeenshire will be kept under close scrutiny.

Folk in the Shire had been awaiting the First Minister’s announcement on Tuesday amid fears that the area would be moved into Level 3.

It is understood that the national incident management team had urged the Scottish Governmennt to clamp down on the region when the levels across the country were reviewed.

However, for the second week in a row the First Minister opted to keep a watchful eye on the region instead.

However, she did not rule out a move to Level 3 in the weeks ahead.

She stated: “I said in last week’s statement we were looking closely at Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire following an increase in cases in both areas.

“In the last week cases have fallen. Aberdeen has gone from 89 new cases per 100,000 people to 74. By the same measure, Aberdeenshire’s have reduced from 95 to 80 and cases positivity in both areas has also fallen and is at or slightly over four per cent.

“For that reason, at this stage, we intend that both areas will remain in level 2, but it is worth stressing, though, that cases haven’t fallen in either area by as much as we would want to see.

“There is still evidence levels of infection are due to transmission in the community rather than solely being due to outbreaks in work places and care homes.

“We are therefore still continuing to monitor the situation in both very carefully and cannot rule out a move to level 3 for one or both areas in the weeks ahead.

“My message in both areas, as indeed it is for all parts of the country, is the only way to stay at current levels and then possibly to move down further is to suppress the virus as effectively as possible.

“Both local authorities have assured us they will continue to work with local public health teams to do that.

“The Scottish Government, of course, will do all we can to help and it’s also vital local businesses and communities continue to play a full part in those efforts.”