Concern over whether nursing home residents have Covid-19

An Inverurie care home is believed to be the first in the area to have residents who have coronavirus (Covid-19).

Friday, 10th April 2020, 10:06 am
Updated Monday, 13th April 2020, 9:17 am
Badenscoth House Nursing Home. Copyright: Google Images
Badenscoth House Nursing Home. Copyright: Google Images

It is understood Badenscoth House Nursing Home in Rothienorman have five residents who are all showing the symptoms of the virus, namely a constant dry cough and a high temperature, although they have not yet been tested to prove they have Covid-19.

The business is listed at Companies House as being privately owned by Judith Munro, who, at the last Care Inspectorate review, was graded as being of a ‘very good’ standard.

Scottish Conservative MSP for Aberdeenshire West, Alexander Burnett, has been contacted by a constituent who has a brother in the nursing home.

The MSP said: “I’m extremely concerned at the situation at Badenscoth Nursing Home and the lack of help which is being given to the facility during this very worrying time.

“There are five suspected cases of coronavirus and this can’t be ignored by the Scottish Government.

“A lack of PPE being supplied is one complaint that has been made and the nursing home is now short staffed because some have had to self-isolate – it’s paramount more help is given.

“The most vulnerable in our society should never face being bottom of the pile which is why I’m calling on Jeane Freeman and the Scottish Government to take urgent action on this alarming situation.”

Mrs Munro, speaking to a national daily said: “I feel like the care sector is being categorised as the poor relative to the NHS.

“All my staff are working on the frontline as well and need some degree of help and support, as does most of the care sector.

“We are being very cautious in the way we approach work now and extra PPE is something that should give us relief.

“We’ve currently not got enough to last us two days which is very worrying for all the staff members.”

In order to treat the isolated patients, staff members must dress in full PPE gear, double gloves and face masks when entering the room and then take them off and bin them safely before leaving.

Due to the nature of the job, each resident is tended to frequently, meaning PPE is dwindling quickly.

Badenscoth House recently got 150 face masks from NHS Grampian but stocks are running low.

Judith added: “Our issue is keeping everybody well and cared for and everyone is working as hard as they can to do this.

“The staff are dedicating themselves to the job and working much longer hours to make sure everyone is fine. If we could test our staff it would be a massive help, as then some who are isolating could find out whether they could come back to work.”

We contacted Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership who declined to comment on the situation, saying that the nursing home was a private organisation.