Inverurie chemist offers help to quit smoking

AN Inverurie pharmacist is boosting the health and wealth of smokers in a fresh bid to kick the habit after research from found over a two thirds of Scots wanted to quit to feel healthier and save money.

Wednesday, 6th March 2013, 3:51 pm

Will Chemist on West High Street, Inverurie will be offering advice and NHS Smokefree Quit Kits as part of national No Smoking Day on Wednesday, March 13.

Pharmacist Galen Will said on-going support and advice, available all year round as part of the All About Health programme, will help smokers feel the benefits to their health and wallets.

“Not only is quitting smoking one of the best things you can do to take care of yourself but it’s also a good way to look after your finances in these hard times.

“With a packet of cigarettes costing about £7, the financial strain of being a smoker can be massive. Even a moderate smoker will be forking out a small fortune because of their addiction.”

The Quit Kits contain a health and wealth wheel to help quitters monitor the difference kicking the habit has on their body and bank balance, but Galen hopes smokers don’t just want to give up because they’ll be better off.

“Everyone knows the damage tobacco can do. Not only is there the danger of lung cancer but it also increases your chances of suffering heart attacks and strokes,” he said.

The pharmacy’s stop smoking service includes a private consultation, individual quit plans and weekly health checks.

The Quit Kits also include a quiz to find out how addicted you are, a calendar to keep you on track for the first 28 days of quitting and a stress toy to help keep your hands busy during cravings.

Galen said: “You don’t need to book an appointment and we’ll be here with advice for as long as you need it.”