Beer festival in Inverurie

The Gordon Highlander is running a 19-day beer festival from Wednesday, October 24 until Sunday, November 11.

Beer enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a range of real ales, including ten from overseas from brewers in Japan, Lithuania, Holland, Australia, Canada, Italy, USA and Belgium. The festival will also feature beers from across the UK, including speciality beers (ingredients include heather, grapefruit and elderberries), as well as beers brewed exclusively for the pub.

Pub manager Steven Murphy said: “The festival will give people the opportunity to enjoy a superb selection of UK and international beers.

“We will be serving the largest selection of overseas beers ever available in the pub, together with a fantastic range of UK beers.”

Customers will be able to sample any three of the real ales in special third-of-a-pint glasses for the price of a pint and all beers will sell for £1.99 per pint. Tasting notes on all of the beers will be available in the pub.