Calling all men

A FREE health check is available to all men at the Healthy Lifestyle Centre within Garioch Sports Centre.

Personal Wellness Consultant, Marion Sievewright asks: “Does size really matter? Well actually it does. Your portion size will dictate your body size, if you are into fast food and fizzy drinks it will affect your health.

“We are inclined to think we are lazy but actually what we eat is making us tired. If you are tired all the time and struggling to get out of bed in the morning, does the alarm go on snooze a few times before you finally get up?

“No energy to play with the kids, or do DIY, or exercise? Are you getting a bit fluffy around the tummy and the shirts getting ever so slightly tight? Are you snoring, do you have sleep apnoea, do you have diabetics, sore joints ect? Being over weight or obese seriously adds to your health risks. Losing just 10 per cent of your weight can improve your health. Contact Marion on 07880 548685 for details.