Castle Fraser set for spectacular medieval event

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STEP back in time at a spectacular weekend of medieval entertainment at Castle Fraser on Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21.

Along with a breath-taking jousting tournament, there’ll be archery demonstrations, birds of prey flying displays, sword fighting, authentic campsites, medieval cookery demonstrations and much more.

The world famous jousting stunt team, the Knights of the Damned, present for 2013 “A Knights Tale”. Look out for the gold and blue colours of William Thatcher, Count Adhemar the Black Knight returns to cause havoc! The Prince of Wales masquerading as Sir Thomas Colville and a special guest appearance from the star of 2012, William Wallace.

The show includes spectacular action, galloping horses, stunts, falls, awesome fire weapons, professional commentary and rock music that will leave you truly breathless.

Joining the fun once again will be the Scottish Archery Association, who will be demonstrating and allowing the public to have-a-go.

There will be Birds of Prey flying displays - you will see an Eagle, Harris Hawk, Merlin, Kestrel, Raven, Falcons and Owls.

Over the weekend you can witness two men at arms battle with a long sword in glistening full plate armour and discuss sword techniques from the 15th century.

Come and see Medieval Realm’s full medieval encampment including authentic medieval styled tents and displays. Witness the clash of steel when their knights pit their skills against each other, you will also get the chance to see all of the arms and armour up close. You will find out what life was really like during the medieval period with a whole host of talks and demos from their team of re-enactors including knights, squires, ladies, cooks, soldiers and even the dreaded torturer.

The Rhynie Wifies would like to invite you to visit their Iron Age Camp where they will demonstrate some of the many daily tasks that needed to be done 2000 years ago in an Iron Age home in Scotland.

For more details and ticket information call 0844 4932164.