Doric Diggers detect the past

The Doric Diggers take a break from metal-detecting at Uryside, Inverurie
The Doric Diggers take a break from metal-detecting at Uryside, Inverurie

SOME sharp eyed readers out there may have noticed seen some strange goings on in fields at Uryside, as 40 or more individuals appeared to be in search of something. They are, in fact, the North East’s new detectorist group “The Doric Diggers”.

In February this year Scott Carle from Kintore got together with Kevin Reid and David Greig with an idea to start a forum for individuals who were keen detectorists. Detectorists are those who use metal detectors in the search for buried metals, such as coins, and they had no forum outside the central belt, and Scott reckoned it would be good if they could bring together a dozen keen individuals so that they could have weekly get together for a dig.

However within a few months of starting the forum had over 160 members with more than half of them very active detectorists keen to get out in the search for precious metals and buried treasurer. Many were also keen to share their experiences and knowledge with like minded individuals.

The group have a wide range of members including some keen teenagers and are hoping that they will be able to attract landowners to allow them on their land to do some searching.

Digging at Boynds farm last weekend Scott Carle commented, “We have been amazed at the interest by detectorists who are primarily focused in finding materials which are about local history.

“What we do is approach local landowners and farmers with a request to do some metal detecting on the land and each of us make a monetary contribution by way of a collection for our days dig. This can either go to the landowner or in most cases the landowners chosen charity and our most recent contribution was a cheque for £200 to the Friends of Anchor.

“It’s not like Time Team - when something is detected it tends to be near the surface and we would use trowels or small spades to unearth the object.”

Scott added “We are keen to also help others thinking about trying the hobby and we would provide guidance and equipment if someone wanted to have a go. We are also happy to help find items that maybe lost, so for example if someone loses a ring in a park we can offer a finding service for a small reward which would go to charity.

“We set this up as a means of enjoying our hobby and raising money for charity and so far I’m pleased to say we have been successful on both counts.”

Kevin Reid added, “Our main difficulty has been sourcing land for our days dig so we would appeal to local landowners to help us out if they can. We are always keen to leave the land pretty much as we found it.”

Anyone interested in allowing a dig or keen to try out metal detecting can contact Scott Carle on 07824 554420 or go to