Follow the charge of the fight brigade

There are battles and bonnets galore in the new online battlefield map.
There are battles and bonnets galore in the new online battlefield map.

Scotland’s clans have clashed through the centuries and there’s a chance the claymores were once in full swing near you.

Now one of the world’s leading tartan manufacturers has put the most famous of Scottish skirmishes on one interactive digital map.

Lochcarron of Scotland has created an online battlefield map that details all the clan wars that took place across Scotland from the 12th to the 18th centuries. An added feature is being able to filter battles by the different clans, and, as an added bonus, fans of the hit TV series Outlander can also follow the many frays involving strapping Jamie Fraser and his fellow clansmen.

Selkirk-based Lochcarron, with a company heritage dating back to 1892, thought this was another way to uncover the rich history of Scotland and its famous clans.

Although it really is just a potted history of clan warfare the map, nevertheless, gives a very quick overview of how volatile the Scots have been through the centuries.

And, as far as records go, things really started to kick off in the 12th century.

The map’s curtain rises with the Battle of Stracathro, three miles north of Brechin, in 1130 when around 30,000 men lined up for a square go.

The warring years conclude with the collapse of the Jacobite cause in 1746 andCulloden.

Between those, of course, Aberdeenshire is fairly well represented in the fighting stakes.

There is the Battle of Harlaw, north of Inverurie, in 1411, and one of a series of the battles when the Aberdonian gentry tooled up to challenge the invasion of Donald of Islay, Lord of the Isles.

There’s the Battle of Corrichie in 1562 on the slopes of of Meikle Tap when Clan Gordon went head to head with supporters of Mary Queen of Scots and got a right doing.

And then there’s the 1571 Battle of Tillieangus when Clan Gordon, now supporting Mary Queen of Scots, were at it again, taking issue with old rivals Clan Forbes fighting for James VI, her infant son.

But the ‘Shire is positively peaceful compared to the shenanigans through the centuries in Angus.

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