Kintore Consortium – Public Exhibition

The Kintore Consortium (Kirkwood Homes Ltd, Malcolm Allan Housebuilders and Barratt East Scotland) held a successful, and well attended public exhibition for the local community on Saturday 12th February ahead of submitting a application for Planning Permission in Principle for the site later this year.

Thursday, 17th February 2011, 11:17 am

In excess of 200 people attended the exhibition which showcased the Consortiums exciting proposals for future development of Kintore over the next 10-15 years.

Commenting on the event, Allan Rae, Land Director, Kirkwood Homes (on behalf of Consortium partners) said:

’The Kintore Consortium regards consultation as an integral part of any development proposals. We were therefore keen at the outset to stimulate debate within the town ensuring that local residents were fully aware of the Consortium’s future development proposals for Kintore. Having received positive comments from as far back as 2008 during the initial Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan (LDP) process, we were delighted to get such a positive turnout on Saturday, with well over 200 people taking time out of their weekend to attend the exhibition and view the proposals.’’

‘’It was clear from those local residents that my colleagues and I spoke to that there is a wish to see more shops and community facilities provided for in any future development, and there was a strong desire to protect Tuach Hill, which we would achieve through the creation of a “Central Park” whose design will be based around Tuach Hill and linked to the town via various footpaths and cycle paths.’’

‘’The need to deliver a new Primary School to address severe capacity issues being experienced at present was another of the key issues raised as was the potential for delivery of a new Secondary School, all of which can be accommodated within the masterplan area.. We intend to discuss these matters with Aberdeenshire Council in the very near future’’

“We are delighted with the community response and turnout on Saturday. The responses received will enable us to ensure that our evolving plans for the area meet the needs and aspirations of the local community wherever possible. I would also like to note that our community consultation does not end here. We will continue to work closely with local residents and key stakeholders as we take this project forward. The next step for the Consortium will be to analyse the feedback received via the questionnaires, and present back to the community in the coming months.’’

A copy of the Questionnaire is attached for your information.

Commenting, Councillor Martin Ford said: “This public consultation process is an integral part of how large planning proposals are considered in the reformed planning system.”

“In due course, proposals for new building in Kintore will be judged against the policies in the Local Development Plan and associated Supplementary Guidance. The Council has decided its view of what should be in the new Local Development Plan, but that could still be changed after an independent examination by a Scottish Government reporter.

“In the Proposed Local Development Plan approved by councillors, the site to the south of Kintore is allocated for up to 600 houses in the second phase of the plan - that is, after 2016 - and employment land.

The Proposed Plan is explicit that a new Academy will have to have been confirmed before planning permission is granted and a primary school as well as community facilities will need to be in place prior to the development of housing.”