Local road closures for Run Garioch

MOTORISTS are advised that there will be road closures in the north of Inverurie related to Run Garioch on Sunday, March 24.

They are requested to avoid all listed roads and find alternative routes to their destinations during the times indicated below. Road closures will be supported by Aberdeenshire Council ‘Road Closed’ signs, Grampian Police and race marshals.

Burghmuir Drive: 10am–2pm: partial road closures and lengthy delays possible

Burghmuir Circle: 10am–11am: delays and no parking

Blackhall Road: 10.30am–2pm: road closure and lengthy delays possible

Nether Davah Way: 10am–12noon: road closed and lengthy delays possible

Upperboat Road: 10am–12noon: road closed and lengthy delays possible

C117 St James Place to Polinar Dam: 10am–1pm: road closed and delays possible

C117 Polinar Dam to John Sorrie Drive Roundabout: 10am–2pm: road closed and lengthy delays possible Delays should also be expected on other routes such as Polinar Dam to Burnhervie, Bennachie to Chapel of Garioch, Dubston and the Conglass and North Street areas of Inverurie.

Motorists are also advised to drive with extreme care and obey all directions issued by Grampian Police and race marshals.

Race Director Eric Simpson said, “On behalf of Run Garioch, we apologise for any disruption to Inverurie residents on race day, but its popularity now means that closures are the best way to ensure the safety of the nearly 2000 runners taking part in this wonderful community event.”

Runners and spectators attending Run Garioch are requested to use Gordon House car park on Blackhall Road, Strathburn School and surrounding streets or to walk to the Garioch Sports Centre for registration from 8am. There will be no parking at the Garioch Sports Centre or on nearby streets.

For full details of race routes and spectator points see www.rungarioch.co.uk.