Two Aberdeenshire women decided they couldn't sit back and do nothing.

An animal charity operating across Aberdeenshire have paid thanks to the many people who have been supporting their cause.

By John A. MacInnes
Thursday, 2nd June 2022, 3:15 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd June 2022, 3:17 pm
The appeal needs your help to save more animals in Ukraine
The appeal needs your help to save more animals in Ukraine

Two friends Di Melville and Suzy Reid felt helpless watching the news of the war in Ukraine and seeing pets in their owners’ arms or abandoned abd left to fend for themselves.

They both had a long history of working in animal rescue and still had contacts with rescuers. It was through them they connected with Ann Holvoet who runs Laika Global Rescue in Romania.

The pair decided they could no longer sit back and do nothing so they set up a Facebook page Ukrainian Crisis Pet Appeal Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire.

The aim of the page was to ingather much needed food, equipment, blankets and medications for the animals suffering as a result of the war.

Di said: “Kind local people came forward to help; they opened their homes and businesses as drop off points. They helped at the hub by sorting the donations and driving their own vehicles to collect items donated. It has become a real team effort!

“Funds have been raised thanks to donations to our just giving page, and they have paid for fuel costs of the volunteer drivers and our fuel and ferry costs of the first lorry we have sent across."

First European Logistics Ltd donated a lorry and a driver to collect the aid and transport it to Romania. It left on April 21. The supplies will only last a couple of months, so another appeal has now started.

The are fundraising with a school project 'Bring A Tin' for June - and if there are any interested school/teachers who would like to become involved, email the appeal organisers at: [email protected]

The main central donations unit is open every Saturday for donations. The list of items which are needed urgently are: Cat and dog food (wet & dry), horse feed, carriers, folding crates, sterile dressings, bandages and horse leg bandages.

The address to drop off at is: New Jasmine House, (Warehouse), East Tullos, AB12 3BT. The Facebook page has a list of drop off points across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.