Probus hear of a life in business

PRESIDENT Derek Murray welcomed members to the latest meeting of the the Garioch Probus Club and asked member and Past President Sylvester Campbell to introduce his guest speaker, well-known to many members present, being Pat Machray OBE, the present Chief Executive of Thainstone-based Aberdeen and Northern Marts, but who has also had a long and wide experience in the local business world in a variety of capacities.

The main theme of Mr Machray’s talk to Probus was “What Makes Business Tick?” using as an analogy Grand Prix Moror Racing, he outlined in some detail the business philosophy that had apparently served him well over many years in various capacities and positions of responsibility.

“Business Vision”, “Importance of a Good Product”, “Attention to Detail”, “Driving Forward”, “Constant Training”, were all mentioned as important factors towards business success, and which had served himself well in his business life. He also was of the opinion that risks sometimes had to be taken in driving a business towards success.

It was interesting to learn that, as relaxation from the pressures of the business world, the speaker breeds sheep, including specialist breeds.

Ken Duguid gave the vote of thanks on behalf of members, who showed their appreciation in the usual manner for an interesting, informative and at times inspiring talk.

Before closing, members were reminded that the Annual Lunch would take place on February 13, and arrangements were in hand.