The Wild West comes to the North East

Members of the Northern Rough Riders at 'Meet the Cowboys' in Inverurie Town Hall on Saturday.
Members of the Northern Rough Riders at 'Meet the Cowboys' in Inverurie Town Hall on Saturday.

INVERURIE is probably one of the last places that you would expect to run into a group of gun tottin’ cowboys on a Saturday in February, but that was exactly what you found at Inverurie Town Hall last weekend.

As part of “Aberdeenshire Celebrates”, the Northern Rough Riders, who are one of Scotland’s only authentic Wild West Group, hosted a “Meet the Cowboys” day in the Town Hall on Saturday, (February 16).

The Northern Rough Riders maintain “Tranquility”, which lays claim to being Scotland’s only Wild West Town, located close to the Glendronach Distillery at Forgue.

The event was an opportunity for the group to become better known in Inverurie and the surrounding area. There was a chance to meet and chat with members of the Northern Rough Riders and see what they do. Amongst the attractions on the day were “Br Bob’s Travelling Medicine Show” which was billed as an authentic re-enactment but with a mix of comedy music and magic, and a re-enactment of the assassination of Wild Bill Hickok. There were also audio visual presentation, including a short western movie “A Crooked Star” made on location in Tranquility and static displays.

Ally Barron tlold the Herald, “The purpose of the event was to try and make the name of Tranquility Wild West Town and the Northern Rough Riders Wild West Re-enactment group better known in Inverurie and the surrounding areas. And the ultimate goal was to find more wild west enthusiasts keen enough to want to join our group.

“I’m hopeful that we have, at least to a degree, been successful in achieving our goals. Although we’ve appeared all over Scotland in the last 6-7 years this was our very first appearance in Inverurie. I estimated that somewhere in the region of 60 members of the public turned up to see us at the Town Hall during the afternoon. We entertained them with film, live action presentations from the old west and static displays. What we did appear to meet with an enthusiastic response.

He added, “The final outcome was that we recruited a further two members and probably made a lot of new friends. Thanks to everyone who came along and supported the event.”

The first building, a saloon, at Tranquillity was completed in 2006 and the town has since grown to include Marshal’s Office, a Bank, General Store, a Town Hall, aBarbers Shop and even an Undertakers!

The Northern Rough Riders have performed across Scotland, including the Edinburgh festival, and the Leuchars Air Show.

Anyone who wants to find out more about the Northern Rough Riders and Tranquility can contact them via their Facebook page or can visit the sites or