Three decades of Garioch art


GARIOCH Art Group celebrates a very special anniversary next month as it holds its 30th Annual Exhibition in the upper room at Inverurie Town Hall.

The exhibition, which is free to all, runs from Saturday, August 11 until Saturday, August 18. Doors will be open from 10am until 4.30pm daily.

Exhibits come in a variety of styles, sizes and mediums to form a varied exhibition of works by its members who meet on a weekly basis in the Communtiy Centre in Inverurie on Thursday evenings between 7.30pm and 9.30pm. The group is a self-help group and members enjoy painting together and supporting each other.

Garioch Art Group has no formal tuition but on the first Thursday of every month, one of the members runs a mini-workshop.

Once or twice a year the group organises workshops where members have the opportunity to learn new skills or enhance old ones. Painting styles among the membership are very diverse using different mediums, and abilities range from novice to very proficient, but all get together to form the exhibition which has been on the Inverurie calendar for three decades.

New members are always warmly welcomed into the group. To find out more, contact Chairperson, Audrey Jeffries on (01651) 862355 or Secretary, Sybil Hall on (01467) 620375. They will be delighted to offer information about the group and about the annual exhibition which is a much loved community event.