41st Scottish Transport Extravaganza 2015 Slideshow

Scotland’s premier event for vehicle enthusiasts at Glamis on Saturday and Sunday was another roaring success.

The 41st Scottish Transport Extravaganza, organised by Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club (SVVC), was supported by 45 car clubs the length and breadth of the UK.

Yabba-Dabba Do! 'Meet the Flintstones at the Scottish Transport Extravaganza, aka Katie, Toni and Jordan Litterick! We love your wheels! (Pic Andy Thompson)

Yabba-Dabba Do! 'Meet the Flintstones at the Scottish Transport Extravaganza, aka Katie, Toni and Jordan Litterick! We love your wheels! (Pic Andy Thompson)

And it even drew in some unusual exhibitors in the form of the Carbage Run from Holland – 548 vehicles on a UK tour.

The Dutch drivers did a detour to Glamis on Saturday to see the castle and happened upon the show!

SVVC director Stephen Dear took up the story: “They left Aberdeen that morning and wanted to see Glamis but they ended up coming in via the farm road!

“All of the cars had been adpated in some way, with a budget of 500 euros.

“And half a dozen of them decided to stay and take part in the show.

“So we had a Volvo estate, with a fibre glass Olaf and speakers pumping out music from Frozen – as well as bubbles out of its backside!

“It was a very unexpected addition to the Saturday line-up...and all because they got lost looking for the castle.”

Trophies were presented on Sunday in 85 different categories but the overall show winner was a 1925 Marshall roadroller (steamroller) from Elaine Brown, of Dundee, who also won the ladies cup with the same exhibit.

Best car in show was a 1926 Vauxhall 30/98, owned by G Muir from Kirkcaldy and the best motorcyle was won by Peterhead man S Smith, with a 1961 Triumph Bonneville.

The furthest travelled vehicles were a 1936 Bentley, which was driven 445 miles from Oxfordshire by Mr E Goble and a 1956 Bedford articulated lorry, which Mr D Chisholm drove 435 miles from Lancashire.

Boasting everything from push bikes to a Ferrari, it was another massive entry for the organisers.

Stephen said: “We actually had to turn away a few clubs this year because we just didn’t have enough room for them.

“That tells you it’s the most prestigious event on the calendar in Scotland for car enthusiasts.”

Two of the busiest people on Sunday were arguably Forfar’s Tannadice Trophies owner James Keillor and his willing assistant, former shop owner Bill Bruce.

They engrave all of the 85 trophies on site that day!

“Bill used to do it on his own,” explained Stephen, “but when James took over Bill agreed to help him.

“It’s no mean feat – we don’t know how they manage to do it every year!”

With the sunshine attracting large crowds, the club was delighted with the 41st outing.

Stephen added: “We’d like to thank the entrants, sponsors and public, as well as the volunteers and Glamis – we couldn’t do it without their support.

“It was an amazing weekend. Thanks to everyone!”

Freelance photographer Andy Thompson was on hand to capture the action on Sunday and his pictures are featured in our slideshow, created by Johnston Press Scotland communities hub deputy editor Julie Currie. So park up with a cuppa – and enjoy the show!