A Drappie Waater!

Weel weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

For mony ‘eer’s noo I’ve keepit, screeved doon ivery day, a record o e wither – temperature, win’ direction n strinth, cloud cover, n of coorse rainfall. Noo A’m sure A dinna need ti remind ye aa aboot foo weet it wis last month n fin A counted up e total for Aagist A hiv ti say aat A got a fair bit o a begeck! The total amount o rain aat cam doon in Aagist cam til 172.7mm – in aal money aat wirks oot ti be jist below seiven inches – n aboot twa inches o’t fell on the 10th! Ay, ye cud say a fair drappie waater! Noo es is e biggest amount o rain aat A’ve iver recorded for e month o Aagist, the average for Aagist ower the past ten ‘eer’s cams til 91.5mm. Nae muckle winner e combines aa cam til a stanstill – ye ken A dinna think there can be a mair depressin sicht for fairmers than ti see their combines forlornly stannin in a park, haaf doon a bout, wi e rain poorin doon!

Noo fin A look back throu mi wither screevins interaistinly the weetest month A’ve iver recorded ower the past saxteen ‘eer wis in October 2002 fin 220.9mm cam doon. 2002 wis asweel e weetest ‘eer A’ve recorded wi a gran total o 1161.6mm.

So it wis maybe gey weet for maist o last month bit nae maitter A did manage ti cut mi hedge – weel aat’s a bittie o a lee – mi Sin cut mi hedge! Bill junior cam up frae Yorkshire complete wi his muckle petrol – powered hedge shears n did e job for mi. It didna maitter if it rained ar no wi e petrol machine, nae electric shocks like fit A micht hae got frae mi aal Black n Decker ane! Mi hedge is aboot a hunner yairds lang, it wis plunted fin wi bocht wir hoosie here at Mossies aboot saxteen ‘eer ago. (Michty, far dis e time gang til!) Apairt frae e first ‘eer its bin cut ilka een since n whit a growthe es ‘eer, there wis some bits mair than twa fit lang, n A lost coont o e nummer o barra loads aat A cairted awa, bit nae maitter its lookin neat n trim eence again – thanks ti mi loon!

If ye myn, A wis greetin last month aboot whit a disaster mi crap o tatties hid been es ‘eer, eyven efter huddin in a puckle gweed-like dung! Hooiver, at e time o pluntin A hid twa spare seed tatties (Roosters) left ower, so A hid plunted them in a big plastic bucket again wi a gweed pucklie o dung! I hid a kyn o forgotten aboot them til the ither wik here – michty whit a crap A discovered fin A stuck mi han intil e bucket!

A hid aboot ten big tatties asweel as aboot twenty nae bad like eens – ay, A think neist ‘eer A’ll jist plunt aa mi tatties in aal buckets n barrels! The gairdinin expeerts tell mi es cud be a gweed thing ti dae as mi grun is maybe “tattie sic” n cud dae wi a bit o a rest – A’ll hae ti myn aat for neist ‘eer.

Noo nae doot bi the time yer readin mi screevins for es month w’ll jist be a maitter o a fyow days frae votin in es historic Referendum. If yiv read mi wirds ower e past fyow months y’ll ken aat A’m fair agin ony notion o separation or independence, ti me it jist disna mak ony sinse ata. In fac, an aal lad aat A wis spikkin til jist the ither day here summed it up richt weel fin he said ti vote yes wid be like jumpin oot o an aeroplane withoot a parachute! Verra descriptive A wid say! Then fin ye see fits happenin in oor warld jist noo common sinse tells ye aat there’s strength in unity, let’s keep it that wey!