A wealth of history and tradition at Tarves Heritage Centre

Tarves Heritage Centre has 
a range of fascinating new 
exhibits on show for their 2014 season.

This year’s focus on The Centenary of the First World War includes a trench corner, letters from soldiers and 
war games.

The centre has old war games, a record player as well as a trench set up in the corner

The centre has old war games, a record player as well as a trench set up in the corner

The centre has received various donations and items on loan after a successful 

Project volunteer, Moira Minty, said: “A chap from the Aberdeen Research Centre has compiled a book of names on the Tarves War memorial.”

People can find out the regiment they were in, their regiment number as well as where they were born and died.

Several letters from soldiers on the front line are currently on loan to the centre.

Moira added: “Some of them are so sad, they bring a tear to your eye.

“One of them writes home and two weeks later his officer writes back to say that he has been killed.

“The letters can be quite difficult to read so I have typed them all up into a file for people to read.”

Moira, who has worked at the centre for around five years, researches information online and appeals in the parish magazine have helped gather more clues to the identities of some of the soldiers.

Next door visitors will come across the School Room which is very popular with primary schools and local groups.

Girls can get dressed up in pinafores, meanwhile there are waistcoats for the boys and a navy outfit for 
the teacher. The centre offer talks and private visits can also be arranged.

Moira added that one item at the back of the School Room has proved very popular with visitors.

She said: “We have press cuttings right back to the 1930s and 1940s. Some people can sit for hours looking through them.”

In the next few weeks the centre are hoping to add some new additions including medical equipment used in the war, guns and a picture of a soldier will be propped up on the mantel piece.

Earlier this month a photograph was discovered of injured soldiers being treated in the Haddo House Cottage Hospital but there were no names.

Someone from Tarland has been in touch with the centre who is researching hospitals and after some investigating it is hoped that he will have some news within the next few weeks.

The centre is open Thursday until Sunday, from 2pm to 4.30pm, April until October.

Admission is free but donations are gratefully accepted.