A Wee Pucklie Dung

Weel weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

It’s hard ti tak tent o e fac aat here w are teerin throu e fourth month o e ‘eer – ay, time certainly seems ti gyaun by at an afa rate nooadays!

Sittin in e Kirk the ither Sunday here A saa aat mi gweed freen aul Sandy frae Hillies hid cam in, he sat doon ahin’s n w hid a gran catch-up n chat aboot this n yon. In fac w waur sae intent in oor newsin aat w didna notice aat e Meenister hid cam in until e Wife’s elbick dug intil mi ribs alang wi a loud “wheest” in mi lug! Nae maitter, jist afore e Meenister interrupted oor wee newsie A hid speired at Sandy if he cud drap mi in past a wee pucklie o dung for mi tatties e neist time he wis passin by oor roadeyn? Nae bother ava wis his reply. So the ither day here Sandy duly arrived in his big yalla tractor wi its front loader bucket fair reemin fou o dung. Noo Sandy’s notion o a wee pucklie wis certainly nae e wee pucklie aat I wis thinkin aboot? I wis thinkin maybe aboot twa barra loads wid be aneuch, bit fin Sandy teemed his bucket he left aboot a ‘Bennachie – like’ heap o dung sittin on mi roch girss! There maun be ten maybe eyven twal barra loads o weel rotted dung waitin for mi ti meeve! Weel if I dinna hae a gweed crap o tatties es ‘eer or if mi roses dinna dae weel asweel, it winna be because o e wint o dung!

Weel aat’s mi feenished anither winter circuit o talks n slide presentations eence again. Mi second last een wis up e Broch far A hid e great pleesure o spikkin til a verra freenly group o ladies at e United Reformed Church, then mi hinmaist
 een wis ower at e capital o e Garioch, Inverurie, spikkin til e ladies section o e Hopeville Club, anither richt freenly n jolly bunch o ladies.

A wik by Freday e wife n me waur drivin ti Mintlaw ti dae oor wee bit o transcribing jobbie at e Museum Heidquarters. W waur jist heidin up e hull efter passin e Mill o Esslemont fin there wis an almichty scrappin rackit frae inabelow e car. Checkin inabelow A fun aat an aluminium heat shield hid cam loose n wis scrappin on e road.

Wi the aid o a stick ti knock it aff n threw it intil e beet, then A thocht insteed o gaen ti Mintlaw it wid bi better if A heided ti see mi garage man – weel, its better bein safe than sorry! Last month A telt ye aat A hid stoppit at e Antique shoppie at e Toll o Mossat far, of coorse, A hid bocht anither beuk! It wis a rale interaistin beukie n wis entitled “Boswell’s London Journal 1762 – 1763”. It wis aa aboot James Boswell’s first ‘eer in London fin he wis twa n twinty ‘eer’s aal. Like aa young loons o aat age he wis afa interaisted in e opposite sex, indeed, some nichts a twa three times wi a twa three different ‘ladies o e park’, if ye get mi drift!? Ye cud say aat naethin his changed!