A Year o’ Sizzons!

Weel weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

So here w are heidin wir wey ti the eyn o’ anither ‘eer – like aa ‘eers 2014 his bin a bit o’ an up n doon ane, weel for me onywye. It didna get aff til a great start wi e sad passin o’ mi sister bit of coorse aat’s ae sheer certinty aat lies ahead o’s aa. Then e wither his caased a fair bit o debate n discussion ower e ‘eer, it’s fairly bin a weet ane wi there bein weel ower a thoosan mil o’ rain b the eyn o’ November here already. As weel as aat, e wither expeerts are tellin us aat es ‘eer his bin ane o’ e warmest anes they’ve iver recorded – disna feel like it jist noo! Neist er wis e great Referendum debate n vote. Anafa lot o fowk seem ti think aat it wis a great success wi a lot o’ fowk turnin oot ti vote. Weel, in a wey aat is maybe richt, bit sadly aa aat A’m seein noo is a divided cwintry, n A’m hearin aboot neipers fa eesed ti be gweed freens noo nae bein very neiperly ti ane anither as a result o’t. The fowk fa voted ‘yes’ appearandly are nae verra wullin ti accept aat them fa voted ‘no’ actually won e vote! Ay, n A’m thinkin wi e price o’ ile faain as it is the SNP billies will hae ti dae their sums aa ower again n nae pit sae muckle dependence on e black stuff! Ay, its maybe a gweed job aat e ‘no’ craiturs waur in e majority efter aa! Noo loons, es neist bittie is for your een only, so aa you quines jist stop readin, awa n pit on e kettle!? As w aa ken oor weemin fowk are niver wrang – fit they say, fit they dae, fit they plan – its aye richt, ay, n its aye richt aa e time! Noo, as you n me ken there’s fower sizzons in e ‘eer – Spring, Simmer, Aatum n Winter. As you n me ken asweel there are some things aat ye can dae in e Spring ar in e Simmer time aat ye canna dae in e Winter, n of there are things ye can dae in e Winter time aat ye canna dae in Spring ar Simmer time. Weel aat wee dream didna laist verra lang, mi dear wife – “she faa his ti be obeyed”- decided aat she winted in a new kitchie! Weel noo, peer, mistaen gowk aat A wis, A wis quite happy aboot es, thinkin aat she wid spen e winter months leukin at various catalogues n sic like, chyngin her min’ as quines wull dae, n than aboot spring ar simmer her new kitchie wid be installed. Ah weel than, “she faa his ti be obeyed” alang wi oor dother set aff ae day ti Inverurie, unsuspectin deevil aat A wis! Fin they returned she proodly declared aat she’d ordered her new kitchie n it wis ti be pit in within e neist fyow days – at e beginnin o’ December – WINTER!? A’ll eyn mi December wirdies in mi usual wey bi wishin Sizzons greetins ti aa mi Readers - a Verra Happy Christmas n a Gweed n a Maist Healthy New ‘eer ti each n iveryane o’ ye.