Action is a must on town centre traffic

Ellon town centre is in danger of being flooded with traffic, some of it unwanted in the shape of large lorries who, in my opinion, have no right to using the already crowded roads.

In particular, heavy good wagons that come in from all points west along Riverside Road, heading north should not be using the town centre road, but instead should be directed out to the by-pass.

The same is the case for vehicles of this nature, coming in from the Methlick road down Craigs Road, they can use the road along past the McDonald Park, rather than thunder down Station Road into the town centre.

The afore mentioned Station Road is of course unfit for purpose, especially the part which runs from Bridge Street to the Square where it joins the A90.

Not only is it a bottle neck, especially when all drivers insist in turning right from Bridge Street, effectively blocking off traffic, including lorries coming from the west.

If the current set up is designed to create chaos, I can’t imagine what the situation would be like if Aberdeenshire Council allow on street parking as was proposed at one of the consultation meetings I attended nearly two years ago.

Action is required, and quickly if Ellon is not to become the laughing stock of the Shire.

The dualling of the A90 may be seen to be a priority, but until the local networks are sorted out, a brand new road set up from Balmedie to Peterhead will count for naught in the grand scheme for under pressure drivers, including my lorry driver friends.

I realise that by re-directing lorries out to the town’s bypass it will then create more danger for school pupils heading for Ellon’s new Academy, which is due to open later in the year, which again demands action by Aberdeenshire Council.

Even a statement on how they intend to address safety issues would be a start.

I know from talking to local parents there are real concerns about the road safety and they would welcome some assurances.

Finally, like many others, I greeted the news about the R&A’s decision to switch the live televising rights of the Open from BBC to Sky from 2017 with dismay and sadness, but as the way with all big sport, the organisers seem happy to sell out to the highest bidder.

The decision seems to ignore the fact that viewing figures of a great sports event will now drop dramatically, which is not good news for a game already in decline.