Advanced Motoring Course

Gordon Advanced Motorists, a local road safety charity, are holding a ‘Better Driving and Riding Course’ from Tuesday, April 22.

There will bean Introductory Day on Sunday, April 13, at the Inverurie Loco Works Football Club premises, Harlaw Drive, Inverurie, from 2pm until 4pm, with no obligation to sign up for anything on the day.

Gordon Advanced Motorists can prepare you with the IAM ‘Skill for Life’ driving programme which could ultimately lead you to the IAM’s Advanced Driving Test. The cost of the course is only £139. This includes lectures, literature, driving and riding guidance in your car or bike, and preparation for the IAM Test. A year’s membership of both the IAM and Gordon Advanced Motorists is also included.

If you are unable to attend the Introductory Day, then let us know and we will make more suitable arrangements for you.

For further details, please contact or phone (01358) 723003 . You can also visit our website at