An evening of art with Angie Davidson


Oyne PTA are hosting an evening with local artist, Angie Davidson at her gallery and workshops at Wardhouse, near Insch on Friday, April 20, 7.30pm until 9.30pm.

During the evening, Angie will be talking the audience through how she creates her artwork, and the painting she will be working on, entitled ‘The Archer’ will subsequently be raffled by the PTA.

Angie said: “The artwork is of a Kingfisher and is titled The Archer. It’s more or less the same image drawn out three times, although the head on the left has been intentionally drawn larger to allow people to see the detail I’ll add during the evening. However, this artwork will never be finished, because, as it’s supposed to show how I work, work will stop that same evening and the raffled picture will depict the beginning phase, middle phase and then the finished bird. That fact alone will make this work unique, so there’s an outside chance that sometime, way in the future, the raffle prize might be worth more than the price paid for the raffle ticket.”

On the evening, Angie’s husband Sandy will also be available to talk about the process he uses to make prints of Angie’s artwork. Tickets for the evening, including drinks and nibbles, cost £10 and are available from Fiona Barber who can be contacted on (01464) 851523. All are welcome.