Angela’s tiger burns bright at exhibition

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COUNTRY Frames Gallery is currently hosting an exhibition by world-renowned local artist, Angela Davidson who is known for her black background pastels of domestic animals.

The exhibition entitled ‘Black at Work’ includes originals and a series of limited edition prints of a variety of domestic animals, native wildlife and the star of the show, a tiger entitled ‘Burning Bright’.

Angela said: “I’ve always wanted to paint a tiger but I had never done it. There are so many tiger pictures around but I just wanted to do it in my own style.”

Gallery owner Yvonne Flett said: “The exhibition has been going brilliantly. It’s attracted a lot of attention and brought more visitors into the gallery.

“There’s been quite a few sales of prints, especially ‘Burning Bright’, which is the main exhibition piece, and it’s Angela’s foray into exotic wildlife. It has been extremely popular.”

Speaking about her early days Angela said: “I’ve always enjoyed painting. I started sketching all the animals we had at home – dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and it grew from there.”

The self-taught artist works out of a studio at her home near Kennethmont: “I’m really lucky where I work; I have a nice space and I can move my easel around according to the light. Light is really important. I’ve seen me work on a picture during the day and continuing at night, but then realising next morning that the light wasn’t quite right. Working in a different light changes the tone.”

Summer time is a busy period for Angela and husband Sandy who frames all of Angela’s original pieces and acts as marketing manager. “We’re on the road a lot during that time and it can be very exhausting. We spend a lot of time at the shows – the first is the Royal Highland Show, and we always go to the Royal Welsh and the Great Yorkshire. Closer to home we also go to Blair Horse Trials, Turriff Show and at Christmas time we go down to London for the horse show at Olympia.

“I always produce as many pieces as I can for the Highland Show. That’s the first show of the year and from then on it’s whatever I can produce in between commissions.

“Most of my prints are limited editions prints but we do choose one or two a year that are open editions. We used to limit them to 395 but we’ve increased it to 500 now because they sell out. The originals also sell well, they go very quickly and are often sold before they’re even painted.”

Angela is modest about her success as a much sought after artist. She said: “I always wanted to be successful at something. I was always interested in sport and art. But never in my wildest dreams did I think my work would be so sought after.

“I have to say if it wasn’t for my husband I wouldn’t be in any of the places that we go to. I put most of my success down to the hard work and dedication of my husband Sandy.

“The one thing I love is folk liking my work. If I can continue to do that, that would be great and I’d like to expand into overseas markets – that would be even better.”

The exhibition is set to end on Tuesday, May 31. Following on is an exhibition entitled ‘Inspired’ and will feature a variety of local artists. Inspired begins on Saturday, June 4 and runs until mid-July.