Annual rally for Garioch Fiddlers’

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THE 29th Garioch Fiddlers’ Rally took place in Inverurie Town Hall on Saturday (April 21), marking the end of a year’s playing and competition activities.

Dorothy Ferguson, former conductor, took on a new role in the front row, her fiddle playing enhancing the orchestra’s output significantly. Bill Johnston’s memory lived on in Ian Thow’s moving musical tribute, a beautiful slow air. Visiting artistes Clare Telford on violin and Wayne Robertson on accordion performed a great selection of traditional and classical pieces and compere Jim McColl kept the show on the road with his rich collection of amusing stories and jokes.

Garioch Fiddlers Chairperson Joe McDowall commented, “One of the features of the Garioch Fiddlers’ is the age range of its players, from primary school pupils to the significant group originating from the first half of last century. Another feature is the family atmosphere that envelopes the day, with the evening audience including neighbours, friends and extended families.

“But the main feature of the society is the way it has young people at its very foundation. The junior section played their best ever under Nicola Auchnie as their new conductor, and also with Emma Gibb continuing to make such a contribution to the juniors’ development. Kenneth McBeath, the Society’s Young Fiddler of the Year, excelled as he played his winning selection of pieces.

He added, “It would be invidious to single out individuals for separate thanks, when so many members and their friends worked full out to make this 29th Rally the success it was. However, this report cannot be concluded without mentioning Colin Dempster, for whom this was his first official Rally since his promotion to Conductor, Ann Watt the Society’s stalwart accompanist, Manda Sim the Administrator and the backstage crew led by Graham Hehir.”

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