Appeal for funds for Christmas lights refurbishments

Inverurie Events is making an appeal to local traders and interested parties to contribute generously towards refurbishing Inverurie’s Christmas Lights.

The voluntary local group aims to raise £9,340 to refurbish the lights to LED standard which will improve the luminosity of the lights and help with storage, maintenance and replacement of the lights in the future.

Inverurie events have taken over management of the Christmas lights from the former ‘Light up Inverurie’. Secretary, Neil Baillie said: “The existing lights have been up a number of years. They are deteriorating fast and have reached the end of their life. The plastic on the lights has become brittle and is letting in water, which in turn causes the lights to fuse.

“Also, we are aiming to get a good system in place so that the town can have improved lights in the future.”

The money being sought will also fund the purchase of the Christmas tree and firework display.

Cheques should be made payable to Inverurie Events and be sent to 24 Esslemont Drive, Inverurie, AB51 3UP.

The project is endorsed by Inverurie Community Council.