Around the Aberdeenshire SWI meetings

Auchedly and Ythanbank SWI president Sue Hall welcomed members to the November meeting.

After business matters were attended to, Sue welcomed Carol Munro who talked about quilting.

Carol brought along a large selection of both large and small items and told the group how she chose her theme on separate articles.

The monthly prize winners were as follows:

Flower from the Garden: 1st Dot Duncan, 2nd Lil Emslie, 3rd Pat Ogg.

Unusual Button: 1st Pat Ogg, 2nd Sue Hall, 3rd Alicia Johnston.

Home made Christmas Card: 1st Mabel Mitchell, 2nd Doreen Gray.

Margot Airth gave a lovely tea of sandwiches and cakes.

Moira Smart have a comprehensive vote of thanks.

Fetternear SWI vice president Jane Fish welcomed members to the November meeting and introduced Stuart Watson and Arthur Taylor who completed the pilgrimage walk in Spain called the Camino Way.

Stuart talked us through their three week walk while Arthur showed slides of the countryside, scenery and amazing cathedrals.

This is a once in a lifetime experience with thousands of people taking part.

Nan Singer gave them a very well deserved vote of thanks.

Flower of the Month: 1st Margaret Salter, 2nd Betty Lawie, 3rd Elsie Aiken and Dorothy Grant.

Holiday Souvenir: 1st Elsie Aiken, 2nd Betty Lawie, 3rd Lorna Skea and Margaret Salter.

Decorated Cupcakes: 1st Margaret Salter, 2nd Lorna Skea.

The tea hostesses were Dorothy Grant and Gertie Whiteford and the raffle was run by Iris Keith.

Fetternear Rural’s 95th Birthday Party will be held on December 9 at the Kintore Arms Hotel, Inverurie.