Around the North-east rurals

At the May Fetternear SWRI meeting, vice-president Jane Fish conducted business and secretary, Dorothy Grant read the minutes.

Jane then introduced Katriona Campbell, senior prosthetist with NHS, who gave a talk and showed slides relating to her work over 22 years assessing, fitting and adjusting prosthetic limbs.

Katriona also judged the competitions: Old toy: 1. Betty Lawie 2. Elsie Aiken 3. Elsie Murray. Poem: 1. Jane Fish 2, Elsie Aiken 3. Margaret Salter. Flower of month: 1. Margaret Salter 2. Betty Lawie 3. Elsie Aiken.

Betty Lawie gave the group report and Dorothy Grant and Elma Riddell served a lovely tea. Iris Keith ran the raffle and the vote of thanks for a most interesting and enjoyable evening was given by Margaret Salter. Betty Lawie was awarded the New Zealand Trophy for most points in the competitions.

Collieston and Slains SWRI’s last meeting for this session was held in Netherleask Farm’s roomy garage. Possible outings for next year were discussed and arrangements for running the tearoom at Collieston Gala.

September’s meeting will be back in the refurbished Collieston Community Rooms.

Chris Stewart, new vice-president, introduced Marion Johnston from Corbshill Nursery, near New Deer, who with her friend Brenda gave an excellent demonstration on how to line and plant up a hanging basket or planter, and good advice on how to maintain the plants so they flourish attractively.

Members then enjoyed a lovely feast supplied by hostesses Anne Craig and Meg Wallace, and a vote of thanks and a raffle ended the evening.