Artist’s design to shine at Business Awards

Aberdeen’s architecture, industries and heritage were the inspiration for a local artist who has been selected to design this year’s Northern Star winners’ awards.

It is the first time Jamie Cameron, originally from Kingswells but now living and working near Castle Fraser, Inverurie, has been tasked with creating such a high-profile piece of work.

He said: “After studying and working in the field of architecture for a few years, I wanted to see if I could take the approach of traditional draughtsmanship, and use this to help share my love of buildings, construction and craft with others.

“I started off completely free-form, creating intricate imaginary worlds which had up until then been swirling around in my imagination.

“After this, I began illustrating local landmarks and buildings, eventually offering prints for sale and undertaking commissions as people asked if I could illustrate their favourite building.

“The design for the Northern Star Business Awards are part of a collection that I’ve been developing which capture the well-known cities of the world. I like to tell a journey when doing a city, looking at the shapes, silhouettes and natural landscapes of a city in order to capture all the various elements which go to make up the area.

“I like to speak to people to get their ideas on what is important to them about their city or region, which means I get to include references to places or buildings that are sometimes forgotten.

“I am always on the lookout for new ways to share my love of detail and architecture and take great pride in creating something truly unique. Fortunately there is a huge amount of inspiration right here in the North-east.”

The Awards are made from solid oak and machined Perspex, capturing in crystal clear engravings the landmarks, attractions and buildings which make up the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire skyline.