Assurances needed over cancer donations

A recent glance at my bank balance indicates a dramatic increase in my outgoings, and while I am a confirmed spendthrift, I have to say in my defence that my expenditure is not all being spent exclusively on myself.

Indeed my commitment to good causes has spiralled, not quite out of control, but thanks to nagging phone calls asking, even demanding that I increase my contributions, the situation now merits my earnest attention.

One of the charities I have been happy to support over recent years is Cancer Research UK, a worthy cause well worth my backing, especially as the governments on both sides of the border make no contribution to cancer research.

In the company of more than one million donors, I am in fact more than willing to continue fighting the big C, particularly after losing two young members of my own family circle in the last month.

One was 67, while the other was only 46, making for a bad, sad month for the family who not surprisingly have been devastated by the deaths.

All the indicators are, at least according to the frequent updates I get from Cancer Research UK, that my money is making a difference, and that it has been a remarkable year for the organisation.

This may well be true, even if such progress has come too late for my own family.

At the risk of sounding cynical and bitter I would have to question the claim that the research will lead to cancer being eliminated sooner rather than later.

The slogan of “beating cancer sooner” is a powerful one and were it to be a dishonest one, it would be bordering on criminal.

Is this actually true, and if so on what basis is the claim being made?

I would hate to think we are being led up the garden path, as there are many, many families out there who are feeling the pain of losing loved ones, desperately hoping that the situation will not be repeated again in the family circle.

I will, however, not be withdrawing, or reducing my financial support, only seeking some assurances from an organisation that is netting millions from members of the UK public who, as already said, are desperate to know the money is making a difference.

Far from cutting back I am in fact backing the biggest coffee morning in the world later in the month when in the company of some business associates I shall be making a one-off donation to support the fight against cancer.

I shall also be taking an active part in World Cancer Day on February 4.

Should readers wish to participate in events and join me in supporting this worthy cause you can find more about them via the website