Auchedly/ Ythanbank WRI meeting

Auchedly and Ythanbank SWRI president Sue Hall welcomed members and friends to the April business meeting.

Tuesday, 21st April 2015, 4:21 pm

After attending to business, she thanked members for all their support during the past year.

Sue then handed over to members of the Barthol Chapel SWRI to conduct the business meeting and provide entertainment while the annual prizes were being announced.

The prizes were presented and the winners were as follows:

Housewives Cup Most Points Lil Emslie, Sue Hall (equal).

Handicrafts Cup Most Points Doreen Gray.

Flower Cup Most Points Ann Farquhar.

Miscellaneous Cup Most Points Margot Airth.

The guests for the evening provided an entertaining programme of readings, music selections, recipe and quiz.

The new committee was elected as follows:

President Sue Hall.

Vic President Margot Airth.

Secretary Lil Emslie.

Treasurer Dot Duncan.

Press Secretary Mabel Mitchell.

Raffles and Competitions Rena Davidson.

Tea Convener Mabel Stott.

The montly competition winners were as follows:

Flower from the Garden - 1 Sue Hall; 2 Ellenor Gray; 3 Ann Farquhar.

Lemon Curd - 1 Mabel Mitchell; 2 Sue Hall.

3 Month Syllabus - 1 Mabel Mitchell; 2 Sue Hall; 3 Dot Duncan.

Rena Davidson and Mabel Mitchell provided eats for the tea which were much appreciated.

Sue Hall then proposed the vote of thanks.