Awards for Royal Voluntary Service volunteers

The award recipients
The award recipients

A special award ceremony was held by the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) in Inverurie recently to celebrate its local volunteers.

The ceremony was held on Friday, April 21 at St Mary’s Church.

Sheila Gray received 1st clasp for 35 years service, John Ross received long service medal for 22 years, Susan Rose received 10 year badge, Mary Duncan received long service medal for 22 years service, Richard Clark received 10 year badge, Shirley Griggs received long service medal for 19 years service and Chrissie Buchan received long service award for 22 years service.

With the help and support of the volunteers RVS can offer practical help and support to older people in the communities of Aberdeenshire.

They are always looking for more volunteers so if anyone has an hour or so to spare a week then please contact 01467 626012 for more information.