Bag Pipes Jig-Saw revealed


Members of the Rotary Club of Kintore were enthralled to watch guest and talented piper Chris Kerr take apart his bagpipes at their recent meeting.

Whilst dissecting his bagpipes, Chris explained how all the pieces of the bagpipes worked and demonstrated how the two tenor drones, bass drone, the reed, chanter and of course the bag come together to make their unique sound.

He went on to share stories of how he came to learn the bagpipes, and a few of the trips he has made with them.

Fortunately he managed to piece together his pipes correctly to treat members to “Macpherson’s Lament” and a hornpipe titled “Glasgow City Police Pipers”.

Kintore Rotarian Graham Leith thanked Chris for his tuneful playing and for being able to ’take the puzzle out of the pipes’.