Barthol Chapel SWRI

PRESIDENT Mrs Anna Jamieson welcomed members of Barthol Chapel SWRI back after the long Christmas break, due to Decembers weather conditions.

Business was dealt with and the minutes read by Mrs Jennifer Leys. Anna then welcomed the speaker for the evening Mrs Beatrice Minto, who came along and gave a most interesting talk on “Laughter in the Classroom” which was enjoyed by all. The competition results, judged by Mary Johnstone and Ann Bisset from Millbrex SWRI, were as follows:

Wedge of Cheesecake: 1: Anna Jamieson; 2: Jennifer Leys; 3: Alice Sinclair.

Handmade Invitation: 1: Alice Sinclair; 2: Anna Jamieson; 3: Winnie Moir.

Tomato Chutney: 1: Elsie Robb; 2: Marjory Clyde; 3: Anna Jamieson.

The winner of the Mary Gray Rose Bowl was Anna Jamieson.

The BC Ferguson competition results were as follows:

Victoria Sponge: 1: Elsie Robb; 2: Alice Sinclair; 3: Jennifer Leys.

Tea was served by Winnie Moir and her hostesses, the raffle was drawn and the vote of thanks given by Jennifer Leys. Anna then wished everyone a safe journey home.