BBC still remains a national treasure

How appalling, and unedifying for that matter, it was to watch our beloved BBC being used as a political football last week, especially for those of us in the over 75 age group who get our TV licences free of charge.

In truth, I would be happy to pay the fee for a service I have always thought was value for money and the envy of every country in the world, even with its flaws, including its great propensity to annoy the political party in power.

If this out-of-touch Government wants to bill the Nixon household for the fee of £145 then I would be happy to stump up, particularly if it guarantees the continuation of all the TV and radio stations which we have taken for granted over the years.

The BBC is, in fact, an institution, providing quality in almost sphere of broadcasting known to mankind.

As a great fan of sport I cannot imagine what it would be like not to have access to the network, even allowing for it not being able to match the bids of the various commercial companies who, with their seductive sells, are in serious danger of killing many of the sporting activities I hold dear.

This includes the great god soccer, which will ultimately pay a dreadful penalty when Rupert Murdoch decides to pull the plug on the game, as he surely will.

Mind you, that’s a debate of its own which I shall save for another day.

Sport apart, the breathtaking presentation of the natural world has been key in ensuring the network is able to market itself all over the planet.

I equally appreciate the various radio programmes produced by the BBC and would be totally lost without my fix of Radio 4 and my opportunity to enjoy my daily dose of the Archers and, of course, Radio Scotland which keeps me up to date on local matters.

No, despite its imperfections, the BBC is a national treasure, and one that deserves better protection from the excesses of politicians who are also very quick to get access to its various outlets when it suits their purposes.

That they have chosen to bully the corporation into paying the £712 million to pay for our free licence is quite shameful, and clearly an attempt to exact their revenge on a network they believe is too left wing for them.

The BBC left wing, don’t make me laugh.

Finally, I was reading this week that the wisdom of the ancients suggests that if we are to live longer and prosper we should drink wine every day, get a dog, do not work after 5pm, eat 90% fruit and vegetables and feast 100 times a year.

Having thoroughly digested the aforementioned list I reckon my two out five is not good enough, and plan to get a dog.